Nana Machabeli


Ms. Nana Machabeli is an outstanding Georgian painter and designer. She is the member of the Union of Painters of Georgia.

By education she is a philologist of Russian language and literature.

In her childhood Ms. Machabeli wrote poems, music and psychological essays. For more than 20 years she has been professionally involved in psychoanalysis.

Ms. Machabeli started painting  unexpectedly in 1983.

In a short period of time she reached tremendous success as an artist. She was awarded a first prize at the art exhibition held in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Ms. Machabeli had held exhibitions in the countries of the former Soviet Union and abroad.

Her art works decorate the private collections of famous people all over the world.

Parisian experts duly assessed her creative activity as New Word in Art

Up to date Ms. Machabeli has created more than 3000 painting in watercolor, which vary from minute miniatures to big canvasses.

Her works are absolutely unique and have no analogues.

The technique of her painting is unique.

Each painting is an original piece of art.

Paintings simply cannot be repeated!

The paintings have a strong and positive bioenergetic field. They offer powerful curable effect proved repeatedly in practice.

Among Ms. Machabelis work there are sketches for any kind of industrial design: decorative panel, textile, wallpaper, cinema and theatre sets, stained-glass windows, crockery, linoleum, etc.

Ms. Machabelis art is divided into two periods:

I.                 The World of Human Soul. In Ms. Nana Machabelis work the human soul is presented in the form of a tree, which is the joining link between Physical and Spiritual Homeland of a Man.

II.             The Soul of the Universe. The painter is deeply convinced that nowadays, when Hamlets words To be or not to be that is the question are facing the Humanity, people in the World must finally realize that neither hatred nor weapon can protect and save them. Protection and salvation comes only with Love, which is the sole mission of Mans Life on Earth!

Ms. Machabelis creative activity is inspired with this idea, and it is this creativity that she offers to people!


In Salvation!